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According to the US EPA, Americans landfilled or incinerated 65% of the waste that they produced. Each year, over 160 million tons of valuable resources are either buried in landfills or incinerated, both of which emit greenhouse gasses as a byproduct. These materials could instead be recovered and reused to create a variety of new products that are typically made instead of virgin materials. Creating these new materials depletes fossil fuel reserves and causes further harm to natural resources and landscapes.Our goal is to transform waste into assets that will reduce or mitigate:

  • Disposal costs

  • Loss of many valuable materials

  • Truck traffic and air pollution, disproportionately burdening low-income communities

  • Release of millions of tons of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. In response to this growing problem, Global Green is implementing a systematic approach of selecting large waste streams - food and paper - and piloting systems to demonstrate scalable financial and ecological benefits and adoption


Local Cafe

Chris Gwilliam, Pret-A-Manger

We make sandwiches for a living; we are not experts in recycling. Global Green USA were incredibly helpful in assisting us with each step in the process and giving us a framework which we could follow to help move this forward. It was absolutely vital.


Ron Bergamini, Action Environmental Group

Since joining Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery, we have been inspired to think globally. We will continue to exemplify real corporate citizenship, to engage the community and our leaders, to offer growth opportunities for our people, and to promote recycling and the broader sustainability movement.


Fred Wellons, Chemol

Membership in CoRR provides invaluable networking, testing, and product innovation needs. Through write-ups, videos, and awards CoRR has significantly pushed the marketplace in a more sustainable direction.

Our Impact
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